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Dear Rude Ruth

My new girlfriend and I just moved into a fabulous apartment on the ground floor of a nice complex & everything about it is perfect except for one problem. Our bedroom windows face the busy poolside cabana.  There is no … Continue reading

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Dear Rude Ruth

I am a long time reader first time question asker. Our dining room window faces west, and has a lovely picture window in that wall. It is a great asset to the room, however in the evening time when we … Continue reading

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The Windows Are In!

And they are splendid. Of course the temporary tar paper siding distracts your eye from the shiny and perfect DIY beauty that took two weekends of hard work, sweat, near-misses, ladder collapsing, nail gun malfunctioning, kitchen-faucet-removing drama to accomplish. But … Continue reading

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Time to Compromise (dang it)

Oh those beautiful windows. They are UV stabilized vinyl, double paned, gas-filled, tinted to keep out harmful and fading rays from the sun, custom sized, EXPENSIVE. I am so glad we spent and went with the best. I’m so proud … Continue reading

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