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98 Ladybird Lane. The Early years. It was built during the Great Depression out of various materials both “store bought” and created on site. My husband purchased it and the 31 acre farm surrounding it from the heir of the original owner in the 1980’s. It has undergone many additions and upgrades in its humble life. We recently dragged it kicking and screaming into the 21st century with yet another new bathroom. It was still sporting a two holer “outhouse” when this picture was taken. Indoor plumbing was added in the late 1930’s. Gee life was good back then. So simple, so secluded, so sanitary. Ahhh good times!

A Wee Bit O’ History:

This mish mash of ideas, rants, observations, tips (both original or gleaned from the information highway), smartass remarks (which I hear are better than dumbass remarks), epiphanies, and comments in general is a result of an idea that came to me when the stress in my life was at an all time high. I was looking around my house at the living that was going on in it despite my attempts to decorate it according to my dreams. Although my decorative elements were all there, the right wall color, the carefully placed furniture, pictures on the walls in just the right spots, etc. something was wrong. It was in need of sweeping, mopping, windexing, & polishing!  A general de-cluttering was in order as well..  The invasion of real life into my fantasy was painfully apparent. At first I was bothered in a big way, but then I realized my husband and I (along with our pets) do not live in a two-dimensional magazine page. I laughed at the thought of Perfect House. And this running commentary on living in harmony with decorating was born.


Deep down, in my heart of hearts I’m a Decorator. I have played house since I was a child ~my room was always in transition from one look to another. When my little girlfriends were doing their hair or riding their bikes, I was learning to sew curtains, and begging for a new bedspread. I did not, however, play with dolls. The mommy gene ain’t there, plus dolls are creepy. I was raised around a smart, creative, funny, capable, hardworking, eccentric, resourceful, but most of all loving family. They encouraged me to dream. Anyway, in my mind’s eye I visualize Perfect House all around me. Clean, coordinated, classically trendy, just like the TV shows. One of my favorite daydreams of all is that of a professional Decorator/Designer with a fancy office and a full calendar of appointments and projects. My advice is both sought after and revered by the Top Designers and Interior Decorators of our time. Gee I love that dream.

Unfortunately I eventually wake up and look around for real. It’s not what my mind’s eye sees at all. My real eyes see a normal, quasi-functioning home with the usual laundry and dirty dishes. My calendar of appointments include a trip to see my Dad in the rest home, and my projects include snaking the slow kitchen drain at my own house. Ideal? No. But I wouldn’t trade my real life for the imagined glories of my fantasy life. Who cares if there’s a speck of dust on the window sill or an empty wine bottle on the counter? That’s life. That’s OUR life. We live here and we want to live here. I can handle not surrounding myself with Perfect House (and working in a totally unrelated field) as long as my hubby still comes home after work and the wineries stay in business. I’ll be just fine.

my heart is where my home is

A recent picture taken Fall of 2010. Note the unfinished (because of future porch plans) soffit and fascia above old mudroom. We plan to put new siding to match the new part of the house in the near future. Of course “near future” is a relative term. Who knows how long it will take to address our mismatched siding? But hey, it keeps the weather out! So far.

I still love this old house. It’s old but trying to stay with the times. A little gray, but sturdy. Creaky but still in one piece. No leaks. A little out of square, but functioning okay. A few sagging timbers, but with good bones. Its’ condition matches mine in a lot of ways!

I am pleased to report we had central air conditioning installed in July 2011. It is splendid, marvelous, glorious, awesome, comfortable, cool & dry. Its hard to describe the difference it makes in our moods this summer. It’s just another reason to love our house.

I sincerely hope you look around the site and comment on anything you want to. I really enjoy hearing from readers. Thanks.


4 Responses to Our Literal Home Page

  1. Aunt Martha says:

    Keep up the good writing. I may tease you time and again, but your site is bookmarked!

  2. Bonnie Riley says:

    Wow, I love your website. I remember all those funky, fun things you would drag in to the mall, and people would snap them up. There is a new series, Picker Sisters, and it reminds me so much of you. Hope you get a chance to watch. Like you, I still love the old, rusty and unusual. I like to decorate with items that belong somewhere else. Like my glass front bookcase that I use in my bathroom for all my necessities. I don’t have any storage, so this works wonderful. And my old German dresser that was converted in to my sinks. It not only looks great, it’s tall enough that you don’t have to get on your knees to brush your teeth!
    I have more, but will save them for another day.

    • Leegay says:

      Thanks so much for bringing back those great memories of the Mercantile Days. We had fun on our search for the right antique. I love your ideas for storage!
      Thanks for reading.

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