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Christmas Cleaning

It’s coming on Christmas They’re cutting down trees, they’re putting up reindeer & and singing songs of joy and peace……. where’s that river when I need one? (Thanks Joni Mitchell )   That’s right, it’s finally time for The Umteenth … Continue reading

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Dear Rude Ruth,

We recently added a new room on to our house. It is big and wonderful and everything I imagined it would be. It sits on the North side of the house and is shaded by a giant oak tree. There … Continue reading

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Dear Ruth,

I have a really high, really huge blank white wall above the stairway adjacent to the front entry in my new home. The wall itself measures approximately 26’x18′. Along with being big and white, it also has a funky light … Continue reading

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Another Gold Ingot

A few weeks ago we decided to have a few family members and some good neighbors over for a fish fry. The plans were to have a general no-stress Saturday filled with dove hunting, visiting, frying too much food, eating … Continue reading

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What’s That Smell?

My garden. I love it! I have a great little fall garden that I planted back in September. It has onions, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower plants going strong. Other than chasing its plastic sheeting “frost cover” all over the yard … Continue reading

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Something New & Exciting!

The remodel is done, it’s nice, it’s roomy, it’s everything we paid for and more. It’s safe to say I love it. Taking a shower is a pleasure. No bugs, no leaks, no holes in the floor (except for the … Continue reading

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Three Cleaning Scenarios & Their Solutions

So you got the call, email, or heard thru the grapevine that you are fixing to have company… Now what? I consider a few factors: How much prep time do we (I) have? Do I like these people? Does my … Continue reading

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