Dear Double R

My wife and I have decided to turn our little guest house into a b&b. She wants some kind of frenchy decor, and I want something easy to clean, like a state park bathroom/toilet bunk bed… know, so I can just walk through with a leaf blower and a water hose and VOILA! clean. So please convince my wife I know best!
Yours truly
Mr. Make it easy

Dear Mr. Easy,

I could easily tell from the first two words on your letter (My Wife) who is the boss in your family. Just the simple fact that your “guest house” isn’t being turned into a welding shop, motorcycle garage, music room, man cave (but then again there would have to be a man in the family for that), fishing shed, workout room with punching bags and bow flex machine, beer joint (complete with neon signs to point the way to the bathroom down the hall), or any other manly space is proof enough that you DO NOT know best! And even if you did know best, do you think that I would for one minute believe you would do the cleaning? Have you ever done any bathroom/toilet bunk bed (interesting concept) cleaning in your life? You probably couldn’t clean your way out of a pasteboard box, let alone a tastefully decorated Bed and Breakfast!

I bet your idea of making it easy is plopping in your Barco-lounger with a cold one (probably Buckhorn or Keystone) and watching foreigners play soccer while your lovely French decor loving wife slaves away swabbing out the bathroom/toilet bunk bed! I bet you don’t even have a leaf blower, let alone a water hose, what would you do with either one from the Barco-lounger?

If I was your wife I would…..


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