Dear Rude Ruth

I’m a recently unemployed lady anxious to start up my own upholstery business from¬† home. My husband doesn’t want the mess of a “sewing room” in his Mother’s house (that’s where we live until we can get on our feet) but I will need somewhere to spread out and work, plus meet and impress clients.

While driving to town the other day, I happened to notice some portable buildings for sale along the highway. I stopped and looked around, and decided that one of these was for me! Choose your size, write a check, and in a few days start enjoying your new career in comfort.

My question is this: Since they only come in a “shell” form with no interior finishing, what are your suggestions for tweaking one into an upholstery shop?


Ready To Sew


Dear Sew Ready,

Have you (in your haste to make a profit) considered where you might put this portable “Upholstery Palace”? Have you thought about what your darling and generous Mother-In-Law might think about a tacky, half-finished, cheap siding-clad, leaky roofed, sitting-on -cinder-blocks (with the usual skunk family residence underneath) answer to your prayers? Perhaps you were going to park it on top of her lovingly tended rose garden? Under the tree in the backyard where your husband was conceived?¬† In the driveway where she parks her Edsel?

I wouldn’t blame her if she buys it for you then crams both you and your silly sewing machine in it and has it hauled away!



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My name is Ruth. I am brilliant. I am rude. Send me DIY advice letters. That is all.
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  1. W.L.jr says:

    Dear Double R
    My wife and I have decided to turn our little guest house into a b&b. She wants some kind of frenchy decor, and I want something easy to clean, like a state park bathroom/toilet bunk bed… know, so I can just walk through with a leaf blower and a water hose and VOILA! clean. So please convince my wife I know best!
    Yours truly
    Mr. Make it easy

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