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The front porch is finished. It is a marvel of DIY genius. It makes 98 look like a spring chicken again. It is everything I knew a front porch could be. It shades us all year long and welcomes awe-struck visitors with grace. Yes, all in all I would say the front porch is a success!

However, the seven-year-old “zero gravity” lawn recliners that once looked so darned wonderful and indulgent sitting in front of the old mudroom look painfully shabby on the new & improved front porch. And when I say shabby I don’t mean shabby chic (all the rage for a few years around here), I mean white trash shabby (which will never be the rage around here). Sure, they are still (or almost still) as comfy and relaxing to lounge in while drinking an afternoon adult beverage, & they are still a decorative color of (fading) black, but something’s just not right. Maybe it’s the sun-parched vinyl fabric that’s starting to fray? Or perhaps the rusty grommets? Or is it the weather-beaten bungie cord that has not only stretched out from use, but was ravaged by a busy parrot when no one was looking, and now has multiple granny knots holding it together so the unsuspecting lounger doesn’t crash to the ground (and spilling that all-important beverage in the process)?


A nice innocent face, yes? Opie’s his name – chewing’s his game.

My husband thinks it might be the wooden arm rest covers that (when new) were a pretty wood, but now (after falling off and being screwed back on) look lame. Can I help it if the replacement screws were a wee bit too long and penetrated the wood on the topside where they have a nasty habit of poking the unsuspecting lounger? Could I grind those sharp, pointy points down? Sure, I guess I could, but for some reason I haven’t gotten around to it. So much so that the sharp pointy points got bored with poking arms and dulled down to friendly metal nubs. It did take a few years, but now they are fine. Tacky? Sure, but still doing what they do best (in the back yard under the trees out of sight of passers-by).


Granny knots, screws, flaking gray paint, what’s not to love?


If they weren’t tacky enough, the addition of cut up water noodles to avert scratches added to the classiness.

So, what to do?

Enter the Internet. You know, that place you shop when you can’t find what you want at the local stores and aren’t afraid of a little shipping costs?
I wasn’t sure what I wanted but I did know it wasn’t going to be plastic, modern looking, Aluminum, or cheap. What I really wanted was the old-timey metal glider and chair set that graced my granny’s patio. Unfortunately, that metal porch glider has long since rotted away and rejoined the earth from which it was mined. And the chairs? Lost to a long ago garage sale I’m sure.

I did a quick Google search and found this:

I'm old! I'm metal! I'm in North Carolina!

I’m old! I’m metal! I’m in North Carolina!

And these:

Please order us! We want to be your chairs!

Please order us! We want to be your chairs!

It was them! Or it was their cousins! And that glider? It may have well have been Granny’s. I had to have them!

Upon further research I learned this business will gladly and quickly restore their glorious inventory of metal lawn furniture to (almost) factory condition, all you do is pick out the pieces you want (from a zillion choices) and choose your colors! So easy! So convenient! I have to do it.

And I did.

I chose a cheerful yellow and white powdercoating, paid the fee (shipping included) and waited a short six weeks for delivery.

They arrived last week. They are the most cheerful, brightest yellow ever with adorable white inserts, new hardware, and so cute they’re almost too cute! And comfort? The old-timey gliding action takes me back to my childhood of sitting on Granny’s patio eating watermelon and watching the world go by. They are something out of The Andy Griffith Show. I am almost tempted to get a guitar just so I can hang out on the porch in my glorious metal rocker late in the evening and pick a tune… almost. I will for sure eat watermelon out there this summer!


They added just the right punch of color and nostalgia. I love them!

I need to add a few tweaks/tables/plants, but for the most part, the porch is done & decorated. There’s something about nostalgia and front porches that just do it for me. And now, thanks to my generous (with both time and love) husband and the kind folks at , 98’s porch is the envy of the neighborhood!


A glorious welcoming approach to 98. Bring your watermelons!

On to the next project… A giant toy barn for the hubby.

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