Decorating a Motorhome

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would have even a pop-up camper in my life, much less a motor home. But as fate would have it, my husband found one he liked. The size was good for towing a boat & the price was right so he bought it. I must admit at first I was skeptical about owning a giant fiberglass box with a steering wheel, couch, toilet and stove in it, but after looking at it and witnessing his insane enthusiasm over the benefits of owning an RV, I was convinced it was the best thing ever!

It isn’t the biggest, grandest bus-like pusher out there (it’s only 24 feet long) but still has it all. The passenger seat is like a queen’s throne, and the bathroom’s “throne” is like… well, like a motor home’s throne. Our new caravan is 12 years old, but looks factory fresh. It has a TV (on the dashboard), a pristine kitchen, quaint living room, roomy shower with a big tub, storage galore, large outdoor canopy, and a queen-sized bed. Who could ask for more?

I wonder who?

The day he brought it home I secretly started thinking about new decor for our new toy. The color scheme is rather bland considering the interiors of most the RVs we looked at (loud, brash, vegas-style carpets, gold trim, lots of mirrors, leather couches etc.) yet it’s tasteful. Almost too tasteful. In fact, upon entering one might think they were walking into an Old Folks Rest Home or (gads!) a Funeral Parlor. You know the look ~ softly muted colors designed for peaceful (eternal) rest. A sofa of flowerdy grayish beige, curtains of beigeish gray and grayish-blue/beige carpet. Combined with blonde woodgrain print on cardboard walls and cabinetry, a grayish-beige shower curtain and the look is complete…completely boring. What to do to liven up this ship?

Before any changes could be made, I felt I needed permission from the General, but for some reason I was afraid to approach the subject of redecorating with him. Maybe it was because he was so enamored by it’s beauty, and immediately changing the look inside would be an insult to his splendid taste in motor homes? Maybe my brilliant and unique ideas of what an attractive motor home’s interior should look like would clash with his grayish/beige-yet-manly preferences? After all, he did pick this particular one out after an exhaustive search on both the internet and every used RV sales lot within 200 miles. He looked at a thousand and chose this one for a reason. Was it the Nursing Home Neutral interior that sold him on this particular RV? I can’t speak for him but I know why I liked it so much… it smelled nice. Or at least it didn’t smell overly used or abused.

I finally got my guts up and (during a shared bottle of chardonnay in the hot tub one starry night) asked him if I could tweak the inside’s decor just a teeny tiny bit. To my surprised delight the answer was yes! If I could have jumped out & dried off & started the project that night, I would have. But that was a bit impractical, even for me.

My mind was buzzing with ideas, I couldn’t wait to get started!

Neutralizing “Nursing Home Neutral”

My first cosmetic improvement was to add some very decorative, yet fake (plastic) tin ceiling tiles to the back splash around the never-had-been-used stove. I attached it to the walls with stick-on Velcro. Nails were not an option considering the “wall” is one step above cardboard (with some woodgrain paper glued on for that all-important woodsy camping effect), plus it was part of the agreement ~ no holes! Next I added some red checkered dish towels & hung a lace curtain in the tiny window to give the kitchen a little color. I was having fun, and wasn’t getting into trouble with His Majesty (yet).

In the living room I velcroed to the walls some colorful fishing adverts from my antique sign collection, a hotdog shaped clock (hotdogs and RVs just go together), and laid down a cute rug. The windows have structural headers that are skillfully upholstered in Funeral Parlor Style, and (for the time being) cannot be changed. They blend beautifully with the blonde wood-grain overhead cabinetry (which also cannot be changed), so for now I have no choice but to ignore them. I am still thinking about a slip cover for the Rest Home Reception Room’s sofa, but there’s time.

Next up: Bathroom!

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