Building a Front Porch in 2895 Easy Steps!

Weekend before last we had some help in the form of my step children, who came over for a visit and food and stayed for the construction fun. It is amazing how much two extra pairs of hands and eyes, two fresh perspectives and two loving senses of humor can make any crazy-hard job easier. They both got to measure, hold this, hold that, climb ladders, drive the tractor (lifting their dad up in the bucket) and just step and fetch it in general. It was great! I almost didn’t know what to do with myself. After all that, I’m happy to say we finally have structure! The four front posts are up, along with the sandwiched 3×5 rafter joists, rafter support beam and rafters. I must say it has been a long drawn out exercise. I knew it would take a while, and was prepared for it to take a while, but hey.

The plywood sheathing covering the old front part of the house is almost all on. That’s what we did this weekend.  That and insulate the attic.

I must admit insulation is a very important element of any conscientious homeowner’s remodel plan, as it was with ours. But insulation (the pink panther brand was our choice) is nasty to work with on the best of days. Especially if you have a raging case of claustrophobia like I do. The attic is roomy enough, if you are a mouse that likes dark, dusty, creepy, “don’t step anywhere except on a ceiling joist or you will fall thru the ceiling”, hot, no fresh air, what’s that scary lump in the corner?, roofing-nails-poking-you-in-the-head sort of way. I’m not that sort of mouse, but it was my job regardless.

After an hour or so of sawz-all time removing the last of the outside wall, the hubby raised up roll after roll of pink insulation for me to unroll after unroll on top of some ancient, collapsed insulation that was covered in mud dauber nests, oak leaves, old rusty nails, and dust. At first I thought I would clean all the nasty funk up, and did make an effort, but after a while I gave up and covered it with fluffy new pinkness, after all, who would know but us?

Of course I couldn’t stand up straight in the attic, and could only step on certain boards or risk certain peril, and those certain boards were hidden beneath the earlier mentioned ancient collapsed insulation laid by the ancient ancestors of the ancient inhabitants of ’98, but somehow (a few charlyhorses later) I got it down. It only cost a little blood (from a nasty nail in the scalp injury), lots of sweat (which I could spare), and a dab of cusswords thrown in for good measure. My body got re-acquainted with the crab-walk, an exercise I learned in grade school, and I remembered just how much fun it wasn’t.

While I was up there crawling around in fiberglas, the hubby was……. well I’m sure he was doing something very important, although I did hear some sort of muffled ball game-sounding noises coming from the living room below, & I noticed some newly emptied beverage cans in the recycle bin later. Oh well, after a hard day’s work of raising insulation up using the tractor he deserves a break.

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