Dear Ruth,

I have a really high, really huge blank white wall above the stairway adjacent to the front entry in my new home. The wall itself measures approximately 26’x18′. Along with being big and white, it also has a funky light fixture right in the middle!  The staircase will be the first thing my guests see as they enter the house, and I want to make a great first impression with this wall.  I do have plans for painting the polished oak stair railings hunter green and covering the original wood floors with a dark maroon carpet. Any ideas for what to do with this huge, huge glaringly white wall?


Awesome First Impressions Are What I’m All About

Dear Awesome,

Are there any other large, high, white walls with light fixtures in the middle in other rooms ~ or is this the only ceiling you have in your house?

By your color scheme description, the first guest you invite over should be Santy Claus.

You are a sad and stupid person.





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