There’s a Hole.

Virgin walls. To Hole or Not to Hole?

That could be the question. Imagine it, a brand new wall. It has the right texture (California Orange Drag or some such) the right paint color (Desert Sunrise Sage) those cool curved outside corners. Let’s face it, this wall has it all. Now, can I leave it alone because it’s perfect just like it is? Or should I hang that adorable Andy Warhol kitty print I’ve been storing (for just the right spot) there? It sure would look great. The perfect dimensions and color combination, I love it and would enjoy viewing it when I walk by this wall. It would add just the right decorator’s touch to this wall.  I know! I’ll ask the hubster. No, I don’t think I should, he’s a minimalist when it comes to decor. Plus I have a feeling he wouldn’t be too keen on a hole in the brand new perfect wall.

What’s a girl to do? Poke a hole in the wall. Just one hole on this one wall, then I’m done. I’ll use one of those interesting wire things that resemble an overgrown fishing hook. Just one hole in this one wall then I’ll quit…

Ahhh it looks so cute! I love it! This picture enhances this wall just like I knew it would….

Hum… that blank wall across the room is sure throwing off the balance of the whole look. But I promised to stop at one hole in the perfect new virgin walls. What’s one more? Well maybe two. I can quit anytime I want.  I just don’t want. Not yet, there’s a few more walls…

purrfect spot for first hole

I guess its kinda like a new car. After you discover that first ding in the door from some jackass in a parking lot, the rest are no biggie.

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  1. Lydie says:

    This is a beautiful website. Love the reading (My Puddycat’s Prayer is my favorite right now). I got quite a few chuckles and feel relieved that my decorating anxieties are shared. Thanks for creating this great and badly needed website and sharing not only your decorator’s mind but also your wonderful writing.

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