What’s That Smell?

My garden. I love it! I have a great little fall garden that I planted back in September. It has onions, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower plants going strong. Other than chasing its plastic sheeting “frost cover” all over the yard on windy days (more often than not), it is pretty self tending. Sure, it’s full of weeds. Sure, there are a few cold hardy caterpillars dining on the big broad leaves, but hey, I’m a lazy gardener and the bugs and weeds don’t seem to be doing any harm. Live and let live I say (especially when it’s too much trouble to do anything about it).

The other day I harvested a perfect cauliflower. Since my husband isn’t a fan of the cabbage family (he hates the stink from cooking it), and my mom was coming to visit for lunch, I decided to cook it for her. A few minutes in the microwave, a little butter and lots of melted cheese, and there you have it. We devoured it in record time. All the while catching up on various mother-daughter topics. It was very nice hour indeed.

However, when I walked into the house after work (after saying goodbye to Mom and going back to the grind) a horrific cauliflowery stink attacked my sniffer like a mad dog. It’s odd how little it bothered us while cooking and eating it. At the time we relished its hearty aroma and I distinctly remember Mom saying, “Wow that smells great!” But entering the house a few hours later (after breathing nice clean Hill Country Air) and being slapped in the face by that smell was painful. Really really painful. I couldn’t help but wonder if the disgusting odor of post-lunch cauliflower had invaded my clothes and hair?  That would easily explain why clients that came to my desk made odd faces while I helped them. I can recall a few disgusted expressions of someone smelling something smelly and offensive. Dang. There’s nothing more memorable than a stinky first impression!

But what’s a girl to do?

Enter Scentsy. I don’t know who invented it but this little gadget is a blessing to us forgetful-where-real-live-candles-are-concerned-yet-love-our-house-to-smell-great kind of people. Its a lightbulb disguised in a wee (yet extremely decorative) container over which a shallow tray fits. You place a block of soft, marvelously scented wax in the tray, switch on the light, and enjoy. There are about a zillion different fragrances to choose from, and you can mix them to customize your world’s atmosphere. They are great. I got one as a gift from a very good friend who has great taste in home fragrance & decor.

I turned on my Scentsy and within minutes the nasty, disgusting, organically offensive, nuked cauliflower smell was history. In its place was a warm inviting fragrance of spiced wood embers (or some such).  The Hubby walked in a few hours later, and instead of making the face of smelling something smelly, made the face of smelling something nice. A much cuter face I must admit.

I have three more cauliflowers growing out in the garden, and four stalks of Brussels Sprouts starting to bear (not to mention the onions). Thank goodness for Scentsy!

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