Time to Compromise (dang it)

Oh those beautiful windows. They are UV stabilized vinyl, double paned, gas-filled, tinted to keep out harmful and fading rays from the sun, custom sized, EXPENSIVE. I am so glad we spent and went with the best. I’m so proud of them I was tempted to keep the large sticker the manufacturer places on them just to let everyone that drives by know I HAVE NEW WINDOWS! But then… I figured out the guys that made the windows and the gal that sold me the windows aren’t paying me to advertise for them. In fact, it’s more like I was paying them! So out came the razor blade and ladder. Good bye and good riddance.

Now, what to do about decorating those glorious new elements to my decor.

I love curtains and how they can transform even the dreariest of rooms into an inviting place to take your shoes off and sit a spell. If it was socially acceptable to put curtains on the outside of the house , I would take a stab at it. (I guess you could call them awnings, but that’s not the same.) I have an unlimited supply of other peoples’ ideas at my fingertips. There is an overload of information on the whats and wherefores of window treatments out there for anyone who’s interested. It’s a hard decision to make because the wrong curtains can make or break a room (according to the window treatment snobs).

The other evening I was sitting at the kitchen table sipping a glass of Chardonnay and checking out a shiny new magazine devoted exclusively to curtains and curtain accessories when my husband walked by. He stopped and said (and I quote): “Why did we bother to have those expensive windows put in the walls if you are just gonna cover them up?” Silly man. He’s got it all backwards. Long before we picked out the windows, I had marvelous ideas on how to decorate them in trendy and unique ways. The windows were just another design element to display my great taste in decorating! Anyway, in my world it’s safe to say MEN HATE CURTAINS. There were no window treatments anywhere inside the somewhat barren walls of 98 when I moved in three years ago (I fixed that while he was at work one day). Of course at that time it was The Boar’s Den. A manly bachelor lived there alone. Sure his (old ex) girlfriend visited, but she had her own house to play in, and didn’t bother him so much with her decorating ideas. She did have a little influence, but that’s for another post.

I could tell from his comment that the dreaded COMPROMISE was in order. I had to pretty much insist that we have something on the window next to the toilet. For company’s sake if nothing else. Even though we don’t have any immediate neighbors, there’s this odd feeling of being watched if that thin film of polyester isn’t between you and the prying eyes of the outside world. So I got my curtains by the toilet. Yay. The other windows?? I’m still working on those.

Sure they are draped over a stool, but they are not drapes! Or curtains either.

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