That old Rocking Chair

That’s what we called it. But that’s not what it was. If your toilet is like ours was and you don’t know what to do, help has arrived!

How do you know when it’s time to replace your potty?

Here are a few guidelines to consider:

1. Appearance: Its it cute? Is it trendy? Is its’ flush handle the same metal as the sink and  shower fixtures? Does its have that new-fangled no slam seat? Is the bowl caked with hard water buildup that dynamite can’t remove? How about rust, lots of it lining the bowl? Does the tank have that hairline crack that looks like an actual hair you can’t remove?

If the answers to any (or in my case the last three) of these is yes, my husband would say keep it.

2. Functionality: Does sitting on it remind you of a rocking chair? Does it decide to make a weird noise sounding like a jet taking off in the middle of the night while you lie sleeping? Does it (and therefore you) suffer from LFSS (Lazy Flush Swirl Syndrome)?  Does it constantly run run run run run, no matter how much you “jiggle” the handle? And the most important question of all ~ Does it embarrass you and your guests by not …. well …. doing what it was designed to do (regardless of how vigorous you plunge)?

If the answers to any of these is yes, my husband would say keep it (while guiltily shuffling his feet and not looking you in the eye). That is until it’s HIS lovely old Auntie at the Easter Lunch (hosted at your house) experiences some major drama in the bathroom. Then I think it would be safe to assume he would say replace it. And replace it we did. There’s nothing finer than a new, clean, stylish, industrial strength flusher that matches your decor. Although a toilet is not really all that attractive to look at, I personally think it’s a true thing of beauty when the pressure is on. If you get my drift.

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