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The remodel is done, it’s nice, it’s roomy, it’s everything we paid for and more. It’s safe to say I love it. Taking a shower is a pleasure. No bugs, no leaks, no holes in the floor (except for the proper ones like drains). The glass blocks make me happy (I’m a fan of glass in any form), the color scheme is calming. Everything about it is perfect. Well almost everything. When a visitor first walks into the master bath they notice all the modern amenities a master bath should have, right down to the Central Air conditioning register placed strategically in the center of the ceiling, aimed to blow conditioned air at just the right angle on the lucky person using the bathroom. God it looks good up there. It’s new, white, glamorous ~ it has it all when it comes to an air conditioning register…. with just one exception, it doesn’t do anything other than look good.

That one teeny tiny exception makes all the difference in the world to the room’s user during the most brutal of Texas summers.

We discussed, planned, rediscussed, budgeted, look-fixed, figured, examined, measured, re-examined, look-fixed again, but never quite got past those crucial stages of development long enough to actually ACQUIRE the air conditioning. But that is all changing on July 8, 2011. They guys are coming to put it in. My darling house will have air conditioning for the very first time in its long and illustrious life.

I am so looking forward to time in the recliner with cool dry air blowing on me and my loving spouse. He is worried that he will get spoiled by an air conditioner, I am worried that he will not (spoiling him is my life’s ambition). It will be fun to cook in the house in the summer. I won’t mind baking a cake once in a while (that past-time is usually reserved for winter, when the house needs warming up a bit).  Our visitors might stay a little longer.

Sure it costs lots of money, but in the grand scheme of things, and in the climate in which I live, it is an investment that keeps on giving long after the bill is paid. I can’t wait!

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My husband and I live in the Texas Hill Country with a herd of animals and a million projects. We wouldn't have it any other way. Although being a big lottery winner might not be so bad.
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