Meet the Managerie ~ Cats!

Peppurrr, a.k.a. Sir Wigsalot of Ladybird Lane

Peppurrr. The darlingest, cutest, funniest, friendliest (if he knows you and/or you smell like “squishy food”), sheddingest, nosy-est, spastic-est kitty in the land. He and hubby are Co-Presidents of their very own and Exclusive Mutual Admiration Society.

Classic Profile. He's a natural ham.

He eats like a horse and never gains an ounce. Just like his Daddy. What’s up with that? He’s a wee bit afraid of the chickens, and they know it. He’s the champion field rat catcher, and delights in bringing unhurt rats into the bedroom at 2 am for a little game of chase. We adore him and sometimes he adores us back, especially at sunset ~ snack time. He decorates the house with loads of kitty fur, dead birds, ball moss, mice.

Using his maximum allowance of bed real estate.

Peppurrr. He took off for a couple of days and I cried. He came home and I was overjoyed yet angry. He later got in my lap and all was forgiven.


Poppet a.k.a. Popsalot, Poppie, Little Darlin', Ploppet

Poppet. Laid back, sassy, laps only in winter, sweet-voiced, non-demanding (except first thing in the morning ~ she likes her fresh breakfast kitty food). She is not slim, and favors a good, solid plop somewhere comfy over a strenuous workout, just like her Momma. She is the ultimate camo artist, and often hides in plain sight. She gives mice, rats, baby bunnies, lizards, dragonflies & birds hell. She fears no chicken, and they know it.

Lumber Inspection complete, approved.

She is amazingly agile for an overweight kitty. She nimbly jumps thru squares of fencing wire from a flat footed postion. She has never run off, and always comes to hang out with me where ever I might be. She has a shameless addiction to the shedding blade (its a curry comb for cats). She and Peppurrr are only weeks apart in age, but galaxies apart in personality. They put on a show of typical big brother- little sister in public, but get along beautifully on the sly.

The Growl

She’s a rather no-nonsense sort of kitty. We love her!

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